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I have always been drawn to three dimensional arts. Ceramics was my original passion. I attended the School for American Craftsmen in Rochester, New York, majoring in Ceramics with a minor in Art History. After college, I returned to school to study Computer Science. I worked for over 30 years in the Insurance industry and in State Government as a System's Analyst. I continued to study Ceramics at the Maine College of Art on and off through the years: and marketed my pottery and fiber products at seasonal events and fairs. After residing in Portland for almost 40 years, my husband and I moved to the Bridgton area in 2016. Again I considered setting up a ceramic studio, but opted for a fiber studio instead-now located at my Old County Road home. 

My beloved Corgi, Ophelia, is a frequent source of inspiration. I have enjoyed my felting stroll through the Animal Kingdom, often taking some literary twists and turns. International Santas have been a fun diversion this past fall. At this point, I see no end to a bucket list of characters that inspire me, and that I would like to felt.  I'm also an avid knitter, rarely riding in the car or watching TV without knitting needles in hand.

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