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Burr Chase Conversations about ART

Below is a list of Art Forum events and Reflections and Refreshments events. All events are held at the Gallery.


Art Forum is a conversation with individuals who are influencers in the local "Art World".

Reflections and Refreshments (R&R) is a gathering of artists who are willing to share their personal art journey and address current topics that might affect that journey.

Reflections and Refreshments

January 10 (Wednesday) 5:30pm           R&R, topic "What's New"  cancelled due to weather, to be rescheduled

February 14 (Wednesday) 5:30pm         R&R topic TBD

March 13 (Wednesday) 5:30pm             R&R topic TBD

April 10 (Wednesday) 5:30pm               R&R topic TBD

May 8  (Wednesday) 5:30pm                 R&R topic TBD


January 13 (Saturday) 2pm-4pm            Steve Traficonte from 100 Aker Wood Framing Shop cancelled due to weather


March 6 (Wednesday) 5:30pm               David Hursty talking about "Artificial Intelligence and the Arts" 

June 5  (Wednesday) 5:30pm                SPEAKER TBD


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