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“The woods and fields were my playground growing up. The outdoors now nourishes my artwork. My childhood sense of wonder at natureʼs lines, textures, forms and colors  remains with me and pervades all that I create.  My creative process is a progression of focusing-in and simplifying rather than a literal interpretation of nature. A subjective transformation then occurs with the give and take of gouge to block or roller to surface with color and texture interacting with one another. From there, accidents and discoveries occur that elicit spontaneous responses and unplanned outcomes.  Most recently I have been working with gelatin monotypes emphasizing the translucency of colored layers. Employed as collage elements, they are experimentally intermingled with drawn images, hand- pulled relief prints, and acrylic paint.  Combined with other methods of printmaking, they add a dimension of unrestrained freedom.  Molly Mains, artist and art educator, graduated from Colby College and later the  University of Southern Maine and inspired middle school artists for over 36 years. In  2011 she received the honor of Maine Art Educator of the Year. Throughout her career,  she has participated in numerous courses concentrating on printmaking, collage, painting, and book arts. Bridgton, Maine is her hometown.  Her work has been a part of exhibitions throughout Maine: The State House, Augusta; Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay, Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center,  Fryeburg; University of Southern Maine, Portland; Hole in the Wall Gallery, Raymond,  and many other venues. Her work can be viewed at Gallery 302 in Bridgton or on her website

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