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"Throughout my photography I try to recreate the beauty of the world as I see it through the  lens of my Nikon.  I would like to share the world that I see with others. For instance visiting young fox kits at their den playing. Or an eaglet in the nest crying for food and watch as the eagles fly in and tenderly feed them. It is, in fact, the wildlife that inspired me to follow this journey of photography. I love to photograph wildlife in their natural settings and in different stages of their lives. I feel very protective of them and their environment. The connection that I feel to the wildlife is very special. I hope that others can feel that connection as well through my photography.  When I see a field of wildflowers or I stand on a cliff of rocks that is being splashed by the sea, I get this wonderful exciting inner feeling that has such a calming effect. I can sit for hours watching and waiting for the light to change to see the different effect that it will have on my photograph.  Because every minute the scene changes! This is time passing us bye.  Through my photography I try to make time stand still. Sometimes taking a great picture means crouching down, using a different lens or simply moving a few steps closer or back to get that perfect picture. Sometimes I have to zoom in to isolate a subject or zoom out to increase my field of vision for a particular landscape. Lighting can be critical to how your picture is affected. Photography takes many hours of patience and oberversation. I may have to visit a site many times in order to get just the right lighting for the picture that I want. My camera inspires me to learn about, seek and capture the world of nature. I specialize in capturing wildlife, nature and landscapes in scenic and undisturbed environments. I live in Sebago, Maine with my husband, Jim and our Golden Retriever.  I am a loon monitor for Maine Audubon, eagle monitor for the State of Maine. Because of my connection with the eagles of Sebago Lake, I made a commitment that my company, Linda L. Panzera Photography, would donate 5% of its earnings to The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, “Endangered and Nongame Wildlife Fund”. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is responsible for the preservation, protection and enhancement of the inland fisheries and wildlife."


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