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    My name is Lettie Moran I grew up in Roslindale, Massachusetts with a love for art. I went to Mass Bay Community  College where I  graduated with an associate’s in science. I recently moved to Maine with my wonderful family and would not be able to do any of this without them. Growing up, I would always be the one at school doodling on my papers, noticing shapes and animals in the clouds while getting lost in my own thoughts. I enjoy wire wrapping and making polymer clay pendants, often finding myself lost in the beauty of all the wrapping and form that each piece has taken on. A lot of my inspiration comes from my mentor Yvonne Williams and nature.  Some of my other passions are drawing, photography, writing short stories.


My Etsy store is Lost Girl 42 Creations,

“This is not what I planned, but this is what is happening”- Yvonne Williams

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