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“Every beautiful work of art is a new creation, the result of particular circumstances in the life of the artist and the time of its production, that have never existed before and will never recur again.” from Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed.  I have always been drawn to the arts and have discovered over the years that I feel happiest when I am creating something. Painting and music are where I spend most of my artistic time but I have also been fortunate to have worked as a graphic designer for over 25 years at a local print shop.  I have been working with pastels for about fifteen years and am particularly drawn to their rich color and the energy that can be achieved by the actual pastel strokes.  I also fell in love with “plein air” painting  (painting on location out of doors) which combines my love for drawing, painting and being outdoors.  It’s always an adventure and surprise what you will find to paint and how the painting will evolve. When a painting comes together, it’s a gift - a piece of creation that you didn’t know was out there and you get to bring it home.  Always through my life, music has been another area of expression. Trying to find and express the meaning and emotion behind a song has been a goal that I never seem to tire of pursuing.  I find that music and painting go hand in hand  – both can be vehicles to express emotion, spirit, energy."


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