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The world presents an ever-changing palette. There is beauty all around us if we take the time to observe. I endeavor to find the special something in every scene.​  I believe each image is a story interrupted by the click of the shutter. The characters of the story, light, color, and texture are in constant motion. The photographer captures a moment in this unfolding story; a slice of time never to be repeated. My academic training was in history and the humanities. My avocation for over fifty years was education but, photography was an ever-present fascination. From working with students in the magic of the darkroom to the journey of digital images, photography has been the constant “other side” of my journey. As with all journeys, the allure is with what is around the bend – the next moment. For me the excitement is to capture that very special moment in time and place – an image that is a forever memory. 


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