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Today the cooperative is run by 41 Artists, each with dedicated space to showcase their art.

The Gallery provides a Gift shop where art under $200 can be purchased. Discover our wonderful selection of greeting cards. We welcome guests artists and community participation.


Please come in, meet our artists, talk Art and, of course, shop. You will always find reasonably priced original art as well as

gifts for all occasions.   

Sculture by Rik Phillips

2023 Board of Directors


President – Shelley Pilsbury (oils)

Vice President – Celeste Fleming (Watercolors)

Treasurer – David Hursty (Photography)

Secretary – Barbara Gardner (Driftwood Sculpture)

Directors –  Ruth Boisvert (Fiber Art)

                    Nancy Engdahl (Watercolors)

                    DarylAnn Leonard (Photography)


Phyllis Tracy's "Garden"
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