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NEMO Volunteers Wanted!

Those members who aren’t artists but feel strongly about supporting the Guild and Gallery are invited to volunteer in a variety of interesting ways. By offering their assistance in performing simple, but very important tasks, they relieve the artists of many time-consuming responsibilities. Artists can then concentrate on creating their artwork and performing administrative duties of the co-op.

The NEMOs enjoy hosting monthly receptions and assisting with special events. These include the biennial fund-raising art auctions and the popular annual Art in the Park outdoor art festival. Those volunteers with special talents and capabilities may help supervise kids during future art classes. Some of the tasks that can be chosen by the NEMOs include: setting up chairs and tables, tents, and light equipment; preparing and serving appetizers, wine and punch; greeting guests; monitoring gallery browsers; helping with clean-up, trash removal, and laundering tablecloths. Art in the Park requires parking and traffic control, unloading art and delivering to booths, relieving artists for rest breaks; and removing and loading equipment and art.     

What do NEMOS do?

- Help artists with non-artistic responsibilities in a very relaxed work environment

- Year-round work opportunities and special art events

Why should I volunteer?

- No meetings, dues, or schedule!

- Early registration access to art classes at the gallery

- Great social/networking opportunity

- Scholarships for high school students who attend art school/programs

- Community service credit given for high school students

How Do I Join?

Judy Alderman
Volunteer Coordinator

(207) 583-9112