Kate Erwin


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Kate Erwin is inspired by narratives. She loves nothing more than the combination of words and pictures and the stories they can tell together.


She recently opened a small creative collaboration company called Big Bear Studios centered around the design and creation of children’s literature. The company plans to put out five new children’s books in the following year, many of them written and/or illustrated by Kate.


When she is not telling stories, Kate spends most of her time hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking, and cycling all over Maine with her partner and her two pups. The inspiration she finds there makes its way back to her fine art, resulting in some of the few pieces Kate produces that stand alone, and are not related to her stories.


She prefers ink painting and old-fashioned dip pen drawing above all else and feels happiest with a calligraphy pen in her hand and an inkwell within reach. Her fine art work is primarily black and white, with carefully chosen pops of color added to accent the beauty of the ink. Her children’s work, however, can become quite colorful but still retains a sense of minimal simplicity.



You can find more of Kate’s illustration and story work at:  www.bigbearstudiosme.com


And more of her fine art work on her personal website: www.kateerwin.com


You can also find her on Instagram @big.bear.studios