Joan Bellucci


"I have been drawing since I was six years old when my father brought home a plain white pad of paper from work, and have not stopped.  The natural world  has always been in focus, from mentally making images from clouds, closing my eyes while listening to birdsong, or smelling the peonies in my grandfather's garden.  I am in awe of all visual things in our world even the disturbing, as those also tell who we are and from where we come. I majored Studio Art at Emmanuel College in Boston and then taught high school art for twenty-eight years in South Boston and Hudson, MA.  I cherish my experiences with former students as they taught me how to see, feel, smile, cry.  If you look at my body of work, a wide variety of style and media is evident. As a high school art teacher it was necessary to be proficient in many areas: drawing, painting, photography, ceramics/pottery, printing.  Primarily, however, the diversity in my use of media is a result of seeking challenges by trying new things.  Doing the same subject matter or medium, for me, is equal to irrelevance. Choosing different media to compliment my subject matter is paramount in my art. Life is an adventure and I like my artistic interpretation to be as well."