Deborah J. Ripley



Deborah J. Ripley is a stained-glass artist from Denmark, Maine. She lives with her husband, Chip, of thirty-five years, who just retired from Bridgton Hospital. Deborah, her husband, and their German Shepherd, all live in a log home in a small rural town in Maine. They have a lovely daughter, Anastasia, who graduated from Fryeburg Academy in May 2012. Anastasia is twenty-seven years old and lives in Austin, Texas. 

Deborah learned stained-glass techniques from a very gifted local artist in the Winter of 2016. Deborah states making stained-glass art is much more technical than she originally thought. She believes most non-artists do not realize that cutting glass or especially soldering, takes time to learn. While it can be frustrating, Deborah finds that it brings so much serenity and mindfulness.  It brings her great joy to make something interesting, bright, and beautiful from a pile of colored glass. For instance, most stained-glass is square, has no curves to it, no points, no variety, it is just flat colored glass. When Deborah works with it, it becomes whatever she wants it to be. Deborah’s ultimate desire is for the client to feel joy from the stained-glass she creates. Deborah believes art is both magical for the artist creating it and for the person purchasing it! Deborah loves to work with different types of cathedral and textured glass She loves wild and unusual colors of stained-glass. She does not follow a specific pattern but rather chooses to create a free-flowing creative design of colors and patterns as she works. Her only planning is the size for the artwork and the boundary to work within. Deborah loves this because her artistry comes alive when the light reaches the stained-glass.   


 Deborah attended Springfield College and received her Bachelor of Science Degree for Human Services in May 1996. She later continued with her studies and received her Master of Science Degree in Human Service Administration in May 1998. Deborah has worked in various health centers and hospitals as a Community Health Educator. She has consistently used art and the process of creating art for many years while helping individuals overcome their concerns. Deborah also volunteered for four years in the Oncology Department at the Bridgton Hospital while working with cancer patients and facilitated a women’s wellness group for six years at a local church.

Deborah is delighted to be a member of Gallery 302. She believes great things happen when good people get together in the name of ART!