Kate Gooding


                                                  Duende- a quality of passion and inspiration


I have always been curious, passionate and a creative person, a true born “LEO,” if you follow your stars. Luckily, a car accident in 2013, resulting in 24/7 migraines pivoting me from my corporate to curious. Total creative focus was my savior from migraines. I tried stained glass in 2014 then began pottery classes in 2016, moved full time to Moose Pond in 2017, built my pottery studio in 2018 and joined Gallery 302.


As a creator of functional pottery, I hand build everything from scratch with reflections of nature as my theme. While my pieces are not perfect as those thrown on wheels, they have perfection in their mimic of nature; rustic, stormy, vibrant, and all made with love and joy. I am known for moose horn platters, animal ornaments, garden pieces, bread and oil pieces and many types of vessels. My present passion is Sgraffito, an old Italian tradition, where I scratch nature designs through layers of colors onto pieces of usable and viewable art for lasting memories.


Personally, I couldn’t be happier. I met my soulmate online in 1999. We were married the following year in our backyard in Pretty Marsh, Mount Desert Island. We moved to Bridgton in 2009, after my husband, Don, with excel spreadsheets in hand, found the best water quality for fishing and swimming in a lake; Moose Pond! I love Halloween, game nights with friends, pottery, muscle cars, kayaking, cooking, walking, growing exotic succulents, reading and campfires. We both love the Gallery 302 artists community, and the Bridgton community and all it offers!

Kate Krukowski Gooding – blackflystew@gmail.com