Conni Whittaker


"My pottery is informed by natural shapes, patterns, ancient tribal art and the resulting tension of the evolution of our world to its present industrialized and computerized state.   I am intensely drawn to the patterns in nature turning over leaves, studying flowers, limb attachments on trees, ferns and moss as I work in my garden or walk my goat herd.   I am similarly obsessed with the dot patterns of Australian aboriginal sand painting, geometric patterns by Hindu and Buddhist mandalas,  doilies and quilts of the past and present, molas (reverse appliquéd quilts) of indigenous Cuna and the pottery of indigenous Darien of Panama.  It pleases me greatly to indulge my love of literature by intertwining these elements either directly with a quotation or indirectly by theme.  I love terracotta clay because of its tradition as pottery for the common man.  I use all of the above influences to create the collages that decorate the surfaces of my pieces in rich textured surfaces."


112 Main Street
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