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"Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I got an art degree from Indiana University and worked as an elementary art teacher in Bridgton for 29 years. My own artistic process has grown and changed and changed again over the years. I seem to be drawn to nearly every kind of media available and my art in Gallery 302 involves the following media on a consistent basis: ceramics, acrylic painting, printmaking, pastel, collage, encaustic and fiber art. My fiber art involves a process called disperse dye, which is a special kind of dye which is painted on paper using many tools for texture.Then when the paper is dry it can be cut up and collaged and then heat pressed onto polyester fabric. Once this part of the piece is made I use my quilting techniques to add borders and use machine and hand stitching to embellish the piece. I am inspired by my deep connection to nature and the spiritual process of creating art."


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