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Catherine Freeman


Catherine Freeman of At Water’s Edge Stoneware Pottery, LLC began doing pottery after she retired from a career in Physical Therapy.  She was first introduced to ceramics and sculpturing in grade school and has had an appreciation for visual arts since.  Formal training for her pottery skills began in October of 2016 under the tutelage of Master Potter Jack Vartanian and Suzanne Conley in Punta Gorda, FL.  She has taken courses in Bridgton and Portland, Maine as well and has incorporated those techniques into her repertoire.

She showcases her artwork at Gallery 302 in Bridgton, Maine and in Southwest Florida.  Catherine gets immense pleasure from working with clay; both throwing on a wheel and hand building. 

“I often think of what I’m going to create only to find out the clay has a mind of its own and ends up forming what it wants. I have to be in the mindset when throwing; it’s a conscious effort to be present in the moment.”

Creating mostly functional pottery, Catherine is inspired by water and draws upon her experience as a manual Physical Therapist. “Working with clay is very similar to working with the body; except it does not talk back!”  Both in Florida and Maine, she is surrounded by water and uses the colors often associated with water as her glazes.  From small pieces to large, she incorporates the peacefulness of her natural surroundings into her artwork.  Both of her studios lend the perfect place to concentrate and create; at water's edge.

T:   1-207-200-6846                                


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